Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DARKNESS BY OATH - Time to say farewell!

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Spanish Melodic Death Metal band DARKNESS BY OATH just announced the sad news that they call it quits. The Basques released 2 of their 4 albums on Cyclone Empire (2009: “Fear Yourself”, 2012: “Near Death Experience”), and we want to say thanx to those great guys and good luck for their future.
But DARKNESS BY OATH don´t leave through the backdoor and therefore they play 3 final shows in Spain to say “goodbye”. But read their statement on the disbanding of the band and those final shows yourself:

It’s been 12 long years since our very beginning until we’re are writing this lines. Lot of stuff happened, good and lots experiences and some bad luck and not too wise decisions taken by our side. Time goes by, and our moment with it. It’s time to finish and start another paths, ideas and projects.Is time for DARKNESS BY OATH to say goodbye.

If someone would tell us at the time we started the band that we would end doing all the stuff we’ve done, we would not believe it, as our only goal by that time was recording a CD. We’ve been lucky and have done much more stuff than we ever thought, and we’re proud of it. We released 4 CDs, covers of bands that we admire, shared stage with them, tour quite a lot even. You can not ask for more considering how the music business is going nowadays.
We’d like to thank all the people who has been part of the DBO family in a way or other, helping us in different ways with stuff that we couldn’t do by ourselves, since the Arrasate rehearsal room days, until these last months. You know who you are, and so do we, You fucking rule!!! Special thanks to Nahikari for all her work for the band during all these years, name it covers, pics or everything image/design related, eskerrik asko!!! We can not forget our ex members Alex, Angel, Ruben and Diego, for all those years in the band, Eternal Thanks!
We would like to thank also our present and former labels (Indar/Erzsebet, Cyclone Empire and Metal Blade) for their confidence and great work supporting the band all these years. Thanks a lot to all the bands we’ve found on the road, have shared good and bad times and enjoyed being on stage. As long as you guys have strength and illusion keep on doing it!

To all the promoters, clubs, bars and places we have played in and to everyone who supported the band in any way, attending to shows, buying CDs or merch, whatever you’ve done, THANK YOU. Media, webzines, magazines, fanzines, radio stations, journalists, which without their work people wouldn’t know about us and what we’ve been up to.

You won’t get rid of us that easy, ´cause we’ll keep on involved in music, Auryn Studios, Numen, Knives or any other project, you never know. At least we’ve been doing something that we love during all this years, and enjoyed it a lot. There will be some farewell shows in the following dates.

DARKNESS BY OATH (2002-2014)”

18th October – Sala Excalibur (Madrid)
25th October – DOKA Antzokia (Donostia – San Sebastian)
22nd November – Sala Sonora (Erandio)

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