Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hybrid Circle posts lyric video

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The tech-prog metallers Hybrid Circle have released in exclusive on BlankTV the new lyric video of the song "The impossible", the first single from the brand new album "A matter of faith".

The video was edited by Tommy Antonini (already at work with Edguy, Eskimo Callboy, Soulfly and many others). The clip is inspired on the album's artwork made by Sam Hayles (Celldweller, Pitchshifter, earthtone9 and others). The band explains the concept of the track in this way: “It's important to remain connected to the whole world life, to upgrade ourselves instead of hide ourselves in order to avoid all the challenges that life sends us because we have no escape to life bill. So, we have to face everything and make the impossible to improve”.

The video is available following this link:

Download “A matter of faith” for free at:
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