Saturday, October 4, 2014

Introducing: Eleven

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Members of Neurasthenia, Handful of Hate, Berith's Legion and Black Wings start the new band Eleven - online the first single "I want a Pussy Riot...= "

Eleven are a new band composed from big musicians from the italian heavy scenario.

The genre is a mix of Thrash, Groove and Modern Metal, and the attitude is deliberately provocative and out of head!

The first single "I Want a Pussy Riot to Protest Under My Window" is online at this adress:

Line up:
Jean Marshall Argiano - "Gabriele Lazzerini" - Guitars and Vocals (Handful of Hate, Electrocution, ex Neurasthenia) 

Steven Fascino - "Diego Albini" - Voice (Black Wings) 
Gordon Sensazione - "Alfredo Garagiola" - Bass (Berith's Legion - Psychotria)

For informations:

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