Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Introducing: Steelfaith

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We are a 5 piece band from Czech Republic. It all started in late 2006, when Jirka and Honza got together to start a new band in the vein of bands such as Helloween and Stratovarius - pure speed metal. There were few line-up changes throughout the years and now the band consists of these members:

Jan Štok - lead guitar, backing vocal
Jiří Skalický - drums
Miri Holemá - lead vocal
Ondřej Vašaš - rhythm guitar, backing vocal
Ondřej Hovad - bass guitar

The best description of the genre which the band plays is a female fronted power metal. But it is possible to notice almost every metal subgenre in our music. There are several short jazz passages and guitar solos drawing influences from neo-classical background.

The band has released 2 EP records up to this date. The first EP was brought out in 2009 and it was called simply "Demo". The second one was released this year, 2014, named "Steelfaith". Both records were made in the same studio - Macac, Ústí nad Labem, CZ. The "Steelfaith" was mixed and mastered at Pavouk records, Ústí nad Labem, CZ.

Throughout the 7 years activity, the band has performed at numerous shows in clubs, festivals and another outdoor events. Lots of these activities were organized in the spirit of DIY. The concerts were held to help the non-profit organizations, charities and so on. The band has also performed with such prominent Czech metal bands including Arakain (a principal Czech thrash band), Vitacit, Krleš, V.A.R., etc. Among the foreign artists which we have performed with, we may name e.g. Lord Vorture (Belgium power metal), Conorach (folk-power metal from Netherland) and also few metalcore and deathcore acts.

The band has received attention from several independent and commercial music online zines and blogs. In these days we have a chance to be heard from various radio stations all over the Czech Republic. The group's success has attracted several newspapers and video overviews. The reviews of our EPs were positive and the journalists mainly focus on the brilliant lead guitarist Jan Štok, whose guitar abilities are outstanding, and vocalist Miri Holemá, who has an unusual and remarkable voice, which makes our music so fresh and thus it exceeds the genre boundaries.

We would like to spread our music to broad masses of people and we think the internet is one of the best ways to do it. We will be grateful if you post a short description of our group on your blog and page or write a review of our EPs. We will be more than happy and we would really appreciate your help and reaction. 

Our new EP is free to listen on bandcamp: http://www.steelfaith.bandcamp.com


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