Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mother of All releases second song

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Mother of All releases second song and EP details

A second song entitled ”Effigy of Regret” has been released from the new one-man metal band Mother of All. It will be one of four songs featured on the upcoming EP ”Suppression”.

Suppression is Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Søren Hoff (Superscum, ex-Methonia, exbroadmoor). Additional guitar-reamping and mixing by Martin Buus (Mercenary) and the drums are recorded by Stig Hansen (Artificial Brothers). Artwork by Bahrull Marta.

Martin Haumann the man behind Mother of All speaks about the new song and the album:
Effigy of Regret is about a guilt-ridden person trying to forget a life-changing incident. I wont say any more. The rest is up to the listener to interpret. It ties in to the overarching theme of Suppression.

The goal of Suppression was to make everything feel alive and breathing, even though I recorded everything myself. Especially the drums have a lot of life and we haven't quantized anything or used soundreplacement, samples or triggers of any sort. The guitars sound great and focused without making the overall sound unnaturally polished and un-dynamic.

I've had a great team with me and with Bahrull Marta's artwork encapsulating the vision the album has really come full circle.”

Martin Haumann is the drummer of the metal band Final Hour, the avantgarde group Shitpissnvomit and ex-member and co-founder of the thrash metal band Essence.

Suppression is set for a release in December. Effigy of Regret can be heard by clicking the link below.

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