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Noturnall touring Europe

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Noturnall to embark for its first european tour in December 

The brazilian band is formed by the Shaman members and Primal Fear's drummer Aquiles Priester

Noturnall, the brazilian group formed by the Shaman members, Thiago Bianchi (vocal), Fernando Quesada (bass), Leo Mancini (guitar), Junior Carelli (keyboards), besides the drummer Aquiles Priester (Primal Fear/Hangar/ex-Angra), will embark for its first European tour in December.

The group will play seven shows in four different countries: Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium. Check out the tour dates:
10.12 - Madrid (Spain) @ Sala We Rock
11.12 - Porto (Portugal) @ Metal Point
12.12 - Lisbon (Portugal) @ RCA Club
13.12 - Zaragoza (Spain) @ Sala Utopia
14.12 - Worblaufen (Switzerland) @ Downi
15.12 - Roeselare (Belgium) @ De Verlichte Geest
18.12 - Porto (Portugal) @ Metal Point

They will travel approximately 4000 kilometers aboard a 'motorhome'. The musicians will also have their own technical staff and backline for all gigs.

According to the drummer Aquiles Priester, this european tour will close very positively the band's first year.
"I think our year could not end in a better way", says the musician, featured on the cover of this month's edition of Modern Drummer magazine."Before going to Europe for the first time, we will make a major brazilian tour in the way that only well organized and well structured bands can do. Our trip to Europe would not be in a better time, because we'll be well rehearsed and ready to perform a great show. Let's end the year on a high note showing it to a new audience (who already knew us from other works), the modern and powerful music of Noturnall. I'm sure that we will succeed and this will give us a big breath for next year, which will be a definitive year in the band's career with the plans that we are tracing".

The musicians will keep a Tour Diary which will be updated daily with photos and videos.

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