Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Siderevs O.M. leaves Azrath-11

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Azrath-11 sadly announce that their guitarist Siderevs O.M. decided to leave due personal reasons. The whole band wish him the best for his life showing gratitude for all the amazing time spent together and the immense creativity shared during the last three years. 

Meanwhile Azrath-11 is working on the new album, the third of their career after the planetary success obtained with “Ov Tentacles And Spirals” released by Punishment 18 Records on February 2013.

The line-up for the future recordings is:
Asmodevs D.D. – All guitars, drums and backing vocals
Dioskouroi D.F.- Bass and backing vocals
Antheres A.E. – Vocals

- Azrath-11 -
- Punishment 18 Records -

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