Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Veni Domine calls it quits

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On September 20, 2014 VENI DOMINE announced the band's breakup on their fb page. Here's the full statement:

"With a heavy heart we bring you the news that we decided to put the band to sleep, it is no longer.

27 years that holds and keeps the full spectra of every emotion imaginable, not without sadness we left the table with the decision unthinkable but yet inevitable.

Time caught up with us and at the end of the day we found that trying keeping a band at a high level with all including parts is a task too time-consuming to handle. On the horizon we saw it coming. Even though we steered clear of the horizon on many occasions the horizon moved closer, faster than expected this time.

We left the table with a sense of mutual respect, the brotherhood and friendship will live on.

Being labeled a Christian band we fought the preconceptions on many fronts and we feel fortunate to have gained friends all over the world, including all kinds of different worldviews excluding no one.

Our love and respect to all our friends who stood by us during the years, our families who took the downside of the business, all of you who bought the music, responded and communicated back to us, we shared this journey that ends today.

We leave with the legacy of seven albums, there's a lot to say about that but one must not linger in the past, tomorrow must not be bound by yesterdays, life will move on.

The future holds no promises other than that all is possible. Branching out from here: The Redstone Project, Grand Stand and Nubian Rose - keep track of those and we will meet again."

VENI DOMINE's final album "Light" was released in late May 2014 via Massacre Records.

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