Thursday, October 2, 2014

ViciSolum Productions signs Grorr

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French metal act Grorr has signed a record deal with Swedish label ViciSolum Productions. The new album ”The Unknown Citizens” will be released world wide November 14.

Two songs, ” The Fighter – Pandemonium ” and ” The Dreamer – Unique” from the new album is right now available for streaming at bandcamp.

Grorr was created in 2005 in Pau (France). They have often been classified as progressive death metal, mixing technical modern metal and traditional instruments from all around the world. Grorr surprises and gathers both organic and powerful music imprinted with various atmospheres.

Since the beginning, it has always been essential for the band to relate social fables. Grorr gives shape to these stories and creates his albums working on storyboards in the first place. In 2012, the release of the concept album ”Anthill” marks the end of a trilogy dedicated to the bugs, offering a journey inside the life of the ants.

The bands up-coming album ”The Unknown Citizens”, that is based on the poem by W.H. Auden, with the same name, relates the fates of three ordinary citizens. Auden writes ”Were they free? Were they happy? The question is absurd; if something was wrong, we would have known for sure”. The album takes a closer look at that question.

Once again through this three-part work, Grorr writes a new social fable that deals with common people forgotten by history. This new album tells the story of three different lives imprinted with three different atmospheres. Grorr announces a darker opus but at the same time more melodic and well handled.

01. The Fighter – Pandemonium
02. The Fighter – Facing Myself
03. The Fighter – Oblivion
04. The Worker - Don’t try to fight...
05. The Worker - You Know You’re Trapped...
06. The Worker - But Still Hope...
07. The Dreamer - Unique
08. The Dreamer - A New Circle
09. The Dreamer - Alone At Last

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