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ARKHAM WITCH "Demos from the Deep" album details

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The 3rd full-length album of the British Lovecraftian heavy/doom metallers Arkham Witch was supposed to be released this fall, but unfortunately the band encountered a few setbacks during the recording, so its release has been postponed to the next year (2015).

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Metal on Metal Records released the band's first demo (originally out in 2009 on CD-R), from when the band was just a duo (Simon Iff? on vocals, guitars and bass, and Emily Ningauble on drums), giving it a proper treatment. The material has been re-mastered, and will be released as limited to 250 copies digipak, with 2 bonus tracks (one of them first time on CD and the other a previously unreleased version of "For Metal" song), under the title "Demos from the Deep".

1. Arkham Witch
2. Let England Prevail
3. Suicide 75
4. The Kraken
5. Legions of the Deep
6. Hyades
7. The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune [bonus track]
8. For Metal [bonus track]

The Power of Metal Webzine asked Arkham Witch guitarist Aldo 'Dodo`' Delle Rose, for his own comments on "Demos From The Deep":

Why did Arkham Witch decide to re-release the band's 1st demo?

Dodo`: This was actually the labels idea. They thought it'd be a good idea to re-master the the tracks from original demo, add some bonus tracks on and slap a decent sleeve on it. Plus, our 3rd album is slightly gonna be delayed til early next year and we felt that we owed something to Metal On Metal for being patient with us. The sosund has been re-mastered by Matt from full stack studio's and he's done a grand job on it. The demo has a really heavy sound now. It sounds great!

Killer artwork...whose work is it?

Dodo`: I drew the front cover Cthulhu. I like to draw when I get a chance. I'm no great artist but I can come up with some good shit now and again haha!

What is the situation with regards to the band's next album (with brand new material)?

Dodo`: The new album is coming along nicely although we had a few hick-ups with the studio we we're using. We have recorded 15 tracks so far, but we have another 6 to do as soon as we can all get a chance to get back in studio. This album is gonna be very different than the previous stuff we've released. One thing for sure is that every song featured will be related to H.P. Lovecraft!

Arkham Witch has some festivals lined up very soon (such as the 'Wall Of Sound Festival' in Belgium on November 29th and 'Metal Magic Festival' in Denmark in July 2015). Do you plan to include any new songs in the set-lists?

Dodo`: Most definitely. We have already been banging out the new tracks and the fans are liking the songs. The new tracks we've been playing live are called, 'Rats in the Wall/Witch House', 'I am Providence' and 'Charles Dexter Ward'. We might soon do a local gig and just do all the stuff from new album. It's very heavy riffing album!
Three songs off the album, "Arkham Witch""Let England Prevail" and "Suicide 75", can be heard from the band's page at Metal on Metal Records.

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