Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dark Quarterer in the studio

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Dark Quarterer in the studio to finish the new album

The Dark Quarterer entered full-time study to complete the track list of the new album, which is slated for mid-April of 2015. Five of the seven tracks planned that will be part of the new project are already prepared, the other two are in finishing phase, will soon be homemade details and arrangements to which the band has accustomed us. 

The new album is inspired by a poem of the greek poet Konstantinos (Kostas) Cavafy, entitled "Ithaca". The poem tells the journey back from the Trojan War Odysseus home. The trip is seen as a metaphor for life, in which the goal is not important, but the journey itself. An "imaginary journey", in which the protagonists are surrounded by constant deceptions and "distractions" that hijack travelers off the main road and the path that brings them closer to their home and people really care. 

The album will be the continuation of the composition vein, which resulted in the fifth studio "Symbols", but stylistically more complete, with the aim of widening the sound spectrum towards goals so far only touched upon. 

Continues meanwhile programming "2015 Promo Tour" dedicated to the promotion of the new album which will start from next February 7 with the participation of Italy Of Metal Festival, at the Exenzia of Prato (Italy), then on the 27th of the same month in Padua, the Work In Progress and April 18 at the Blue Rose Saloon in Bresso (Milan). All final details will be announced in the coming months. They will also be confirmed soon new dates abroad (Europe and beyond). 

It promises to be another busy year for Dark Quarterer, that despite the substantial changes and the passage of time has been able to maintain a unique and inimitable style.

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