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FDA Rekotz - CHAPEL OF DISEASE - Artwork / Illustration special - Part 3‏

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We will show you all seven illustrations which you can find in the CD and LP booklet of the upcoming CHAPEL OF DISEASE album "The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art" in weekly intervals. Seven artworks for seven songs, or better let's call them rituals. All artworks are created by Chris of Misanthropic Art. An outstanding, international acting artist. He and the band's guitarist Laurent wrote down their thoughts about each illustration.

So, let's continue today with # 3 “Masquerade In Red”:

Chris (Misanthropic Art) about the illustration #3 „Masquerade In Red“
"This illustration was really fun since it's a interpretation of A.E.Poe's "The masque of the red death" which i always wanted to illustrate but never had the time or fitting commission to do so. Also the research for the architecture and clothing was quite enjoyable. I think i captured the feeling of death at the right moment but still kept a certain mystery to the illustration."

Cedric (Chapel Of Disease) said about it:
"It is always present and no matter who you are or if you hide, it will always find a way to you. "The Mask of the Red Death" has always been one of my favorite horror stories and this picture fits perfect to song and text. While everyone dances the dance of decadence, one by one they will fall and in the end Death will show its true self!"

Front cover:

"The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art"
 will be released on January 16th, 2015 through FDA Rekotz (CD,LP and Download).The new self-produced and recorded Album was mixed by Mersus of The Underworld Studios (Erazor, Attic, Gospel Of The Horns etc.) and mastered by Erkan Tatoglu at Midas'in Kulakligi Studios in Ankara (Turkey).

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"The Dreaming Of The Fame" on Soundcloud:


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02 – The Dreaming Of The Flame
03 – Masquerade In Red
04 – Lord Of All Death
05 – Symbolic Realms
06 – Life Is But A Burning Being
07 – ...Of Repititive Art
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