Friday, November 21, 2014

RED ROSE: The Anniversary EP Release

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Dear friends, true rock & metal lovers, Red Rose band is asking for your support!
In 2015 we are celebrating 5 years anniversary and we are recording a new EP album for this very special date! This is a project that has a special place in our hearts, and we'd like to deliver this music the best way possible. This is why we turn to you. At the moment, we have done all of the arrangements, and have finished recording all of the parts in a high-quality studio. The artwork is complete as well and it's crying to be printed. What's left to do, is to make mixing & mastering, which costs a lot of money. We've been working really hard collecting and saving money to invest into this special project, and we're almost there! But this final step can only be achieved with your help, since we're not willing to compromise on the quality of a product you'll be listening. 

Your contribution will help us cover the final stage of the album production, so that we can bring you our music at its best. We hope you will find the perks, that we created in return for your investment, attractive and interesting. Please, follow the link to the campaign to learn more details and contribute to the completion of the new project.

We are more than grateful for your support!
Thank you very, very much! Together - we stand!
Red Rose band'

The new EP was recorded by Amir Harony & Amos Itach at 'Retro Studios' in Israel. The cover artwork duties were handled by an american artist Trevor Niemann from 'Visual Entropy' (Motley Crue, Meat Loaf, Korn). The EP is planned for release in early 2015.

Leve Laiter - vocals
Elnur Aliev - guitars
Deion Kristen - keyboards
Eli Reeve - bass
Sam Davidoff - session drums

Official music videos on YouTube:

Official website:

link to campaign:

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