Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shreadhead is back!

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Israeli thrashers SHREDHEAD return with a killer new album!

Formed late 2009 Israeli thrashers Shredhead are the most hyped name in their local metal scene. Throughout 2010 and 2011 the young band toured Israel extensively with Israel's leading metal acts - Betzefer, The Fading, Hammercult among others, their ruthless stage performances and presence earning them an impressive mass of devoted followers and press items. Their debut record titled "Human Nature" was released in Israel in August 2011 to much local and even quite some international critical acclaim.

Their new album "Death Is Righteous" redefines their musical style, making it more mature, more melodic, more groovy, and subsequently much heavier than anything they've done before, which throughout 41 intense minutes blasts away such brute forces that no listener remains unmoved. Ranging from songs that are brutal and fast to laid back and groovy songs all enhanced by lyrics that hit close to home. The name of the album describes the concept, which is that death comes to us all in the end just as it should. These 11 tracks depict the way to self-destruction, in all of its aspects and forms in a life that needs to end. In this album they bring what's true and honest, relentless energy that shows exactly who they are in reality, from the first note to the last word.

SHREDHEAD - Death Is Righteous

CD - MIGHTY MUSIC - PMZ128 - 5700907261973
RELEASE: 13-01-15

01) Devil's Race
02) LPBZ
03) The Lie
04) Last Words Are Lost
05) Death Is Righteous
06) Hallucinations
07) Walk With The Dead
08) Can't Be Left Alive
09) Witness Hell
10) I Hate Myself
11) I Am

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