Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thulcandra reveals album details

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Ascension Lost is set to be the third album from Munich’s THULCANDRA, whose reputation as independent and especially melancholic-melodic Black metallers is excellent as ever.

The brand new, masterpiece will be released on February 2nd in the UK & February, 10th US/CAN on Napalm Records. It will enthrall with darkly majestic riffs, covered by atmospheric lead guitars, frantic drums and mysterious screams!

ASCENSION LOST will be available in a limited first edition 6 Page Digipack with 4 bonus tracks and a limited 2 LP Gatefold Edition! See the whole track listing below:

01. The First Rebellion
02. Throne of Will
03. Deliverance in Sin and Death
04. Demigod Imprisoned
05. Interlude
06. Exalted Resistance
07. The Second Fall
08. Sorrow of the One
09. Ascension Lost
10. Outro
11. Perishness Around Us (Bonus Track)
12. Frozen Kingdom (Bonus Track)
13. Dreaming (Bonus Track)
14. Immortality (Bonus Track)

Release Dates:
30.01.2015 GAS/EUROPE/AUS
02.02.2015 UK/FR/IT/NO/DK
04.02.2015 SE/ESP
10.02.2015 USA/CAN

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