Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Triosphere posts album trailer

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Norwegian melodic heavy/progressive metallers TRIOSPHERE have made a new trailer available for the upcoming album “The Heart Of The Matter”, including snippets of all twelve tracks that will appear on the longplayer, which will be released on November 7th.

The band is also pleased to officially announce the addition of new drummer Kenneth Tårneby to the group’s ranks:

"After an extensive search for the new Triosphere-drummer, testing both Norwegian and foreign ones, we finally found the perfect guy back in March. This guy blew us away from day one, and we offered him the job after less than two hours of rehearsing together. His audition was completely flawless, and things have just gotten better ever since! If you have seen us live the last six months, you already know how amazing this guy is. For the rest of you, please welcome Kenneth Tårneby as a fulltime member of Triosphere!

Kenneth did his first gig with us at PPM Fest Lotto Mons Expo in Belgium in April, so why haven’t we put these news out sooner, you might ask? Well, his drumming and his personality is almost too good to be true, so we have been pinching ourselves to wake up and find it was just a dream, but fortunately it’s all for real.

Since Ørjan did his last tour with the band in 2011 the lineup has been incomplete and we’ve had to do the last three European tours with substitutes (both of whom we owe a huge gratitude for lending us their awesomeness). Needless to say it is a huge boost for us to finally be firing on all four again, and we cannot wait to go out on tour and show you the tightest Triosphere in years!!"

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