Friday, December 26, 2014

Infernö Records signs Mandragora

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MANDRAGORA - the new sensation in Old-School Heavy-Metal from South-America & France based old-school Metal Label INFERNÖ Records are particularly happy to announce that both parts found an agreement which will result in a record deal !!!

Although no release-date has been yet defined, you can expect the first full-length album by MANDRAGORA somewhere in 2015 - more infos will come later on time as soon as new details have to be revealed !

The Debut Album will be recorded at the Quarter Note Studios in Lima-Peru with Paul Pinto as Music Producer. It is also agreed that a limited cassette edition of the band including their demo, songs from the EP and two new songs could be shortly released early 2015 - you're warned, stay tuned !

If you're fan of Heavy-Metal legends like Iron Maiden, Warlock, Acid, Saxon or Judas Priest.. then don't miss MANDRAGORA !

Listen to MANDRAGORA on Youtube :
- Lady In Black (
- Snakebite (

For more informations > MANDRAGORA on Facebook"

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