Monday, December 22, 2014

KARNE - New videoclip unleashed‏

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French Black Metal newcomers KARNE have unleashed another song from their debut album "Faith In Flesh", which was released in November 2014 through Quality Steel Records.
Check out the clip for "C.R.U.D." at this location:

Black Metal with a violent, fast and melodic approach!

KARNE was formed in 2011, spurred on by female vocalist Eingeweide. Quickly, the initial quartet recorded the "MMXII" demo, shot a promotional clip and performed live. 2013 marked the year of a solid line-up: Eingeweide is surrounded by Bael on drums, the bassist Hraesvelg, R. and H.K.A on guitars. 

The album opener "Agony" is still available for streaming at this location:


1. Agony
2. Darkest Fear
3. The Mass Grave
4. Karne *
5. Kill Me Again
6. Carnage Path
7. C.R.U.D.
8. Gore Me *
9. Day & Night (Agony part II)

* exclusive bonus tracks for the CD version

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