Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nethertale reveal "Abyssal Throne"´s cover and tracklist

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After announcing their signing with Suspiria Records, the versatile Benidorm based death metal band NETHERTALE unveils the long awaited album cover art for their debut LP “Abyssal Throne”, alongside the tracklist of this ambitious and highly anticipated project.
The artist responsible for the whole artwork of this album is Veronica Haru.

Abyssal Throne – Tracklist
  1. Last of Us
  2. Black Arts Creation
  3. The Kraken
  4. Bleeding Sails
  5. Calafate
  6. Lernaia Dra
  7. Ad Inferos
  8. Crown of the Seven I (The Man)
  9. Tides of Death
  10. Crown of the Seven II (The Beast)
  11. Bake-kujira
  12. Nebula Funebris
  13. Nereid (Prelude to Retribution)
  14.  Retribution
  15. Old Man’s Tale 

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