Thursday, December 11, 2014

Saturnalia Temple reveals album details

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SATURNALIA TEMPLE is a unique entity in the metal scene, being embraced by extreme black/death metal fans, as well as stoners and doomsters. The title song is an evocative hymn to the dark side, and reveals new facets of the band, while still drowning in an otherworldly crescendo.

Other songs such as March of Gha’agsheblah and Crowned with Seven embraces apocalyptic revelations and timelessly extreme hypnotic metal. Overall the songs are this time more focused and even darker and heavier than ever. To the Other is uncompromising ritualistic music, looking neither back nor forwards, but beyond.

SATURNALIA TEMPLE has moved intently through the years with selected festivals and tours of both EU and USA. Every live ritual and every released song has been carefully chosen. The Temple has slowly etched out their own sovereign area in the metal scene, a domain of hypnotic riffing and dark spiritual dedication.

"To The Other" presents magical prophetic lyrics that echo ominous themes, all straight from a lifetime of dark initiation. Years of experience, tribulations and triumph is condensed into a powerful album – an offering - "To the Other".

Front man Tommie Eriksson comments about the meaning of the artwork : "The front cover reveals a black hole to Universe B, a magical passage beyond time. It is surrounded by a Tantric mandala, to portray a ritualistic structure around this tunnel into the black. The inner sleeve will shows the other side of the gate. We are offering this album into the Qliphoth, into the Dark Side, To the Other, and thus the lyrics are flowing in from the world of light and can be read on the back, which is in fact inside the black hole. The entire artwork thereby depicts a voyage, as does the music of the record."

"To the Other" is scheduled in February , SATURNALIA TEMPLE will tour around the release in Europe and dates will be announced shortly.


1. Intro
2. ZazelSorath
3. To The Other
4. Snow Of Reason
5. March Of Gha'agsheblah
6. Black Sea Of Power
7. CrownedWithSeven
8. Void

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