Monday, December 15, 2014

Sedated Angel out on vinyl

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The album "BeautyFall" The release of “BeautyFall”, Sedated angel’s third album, sees the band rocket to previous heavy-weight form, renewed and revived Sedated Angel regain their all-time vigor for this glorious 10-track ensemble. Their sound is consistent with previous remarks as being “vicious & massive” maintaining their style synonymously within stoner-based/psychedelic garage rock. The new release is further proof of the band’s artisan ventures having paid off. Determined experimentation has led Sedated Angel into pioneering territory where hybrid ideas and the incorporation of explorative elements has rewarded “BeautyFall” with a stylish and slick bohemian ethos. The production on the album is yet of the highest caliber and has a very distinguished character. The dogged determination of the band and their perceptive long-term goals have been skillfully presented in a tight and delicately nuanced fashion.

“BeautyFall” was recorded during a 14-day retreat in a vacation-house in Thy, Denmark. Despite the house being smaller than expected, electrical interference caused by a nearby cattle fence and the incessant complaints of neighbours about noise: ultimately all came together beautifully and the birth of a high level record was to see the light of day. 

Sedated Angel, who have there roots in (Kolding) Denmark, have been creatively working their way into the forefront of stoner rock since their formation in 2005. Shortly after forming, the band broke through with their vision of new age stoner rock after only 6 months. Sedated angel is still reaping the fruits of their ventures attained through the promotion of their previous releases "Far Beyond Repair" and "Dirty Goin' Down" which received esteemed critical appraise. 

Sedated Angel (on the album): Daniel Kristensen: Vocal/Guitar - Christian (Pibs) Christensen Vocal/Guitar - Tommy Iversen: Bas/Vocal - Tommy Skouboe: Drums/Vocal 

Album: BeautyFall release on vinyl LP December 16th 2014 (released September 6th 2014 as digital download) 

Recorded by: Sedated Angel, Morten Husted and Claus. B. Henriksen 
Produced by: Sedated Angel and Waterpunk Productions 
Mix and mastering by: Sedated Angel and Søren Andersen (Medley Studio) 
Mastering - vinyl: Mads Bordinggaard Christensen 
Cover art: Nicolai Niemann Graphics: Ralle Krig

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