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BONFIRE: new album, new line-up

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Melodic Hard Rockers Bonfire have announced that the band is working on a brand new studio album, with a release date tentatively scheduled for May 2015. The album is being produced by Alessandro Delvecchio, keyboardist with bands such as Silent Force, Hardline and Edge Of Forever.

On vocals will be Dave Reece, who had recorded the "Eat The Heat" album with Accept in 1989 - the first album Accept had done without Udo Dirkschneider. At the helm of Bonfire is still guitarist/songwriter Hans Ziller and behind the drum-kit is longtime Bonfire drummer Harry Reischman. Ziller,  Reece and Reischman were already playing together in the band Ez Livin'. Completing the line-up are keyboardist Paul Morris (ex-Rainbow) and bass player Ronnie Parkes. A second guitarist is still being sought.

Hans Ziller had this to say on all these changes:

"With David [Reece]  I share not only a total musical agreement, but also a personal friendship. After the many years of the band's internal conflicts, it was also important to me to have musicians around me I can trust and with whom it is fun to be on stage.

“To just play only the old songs and nothing new, fighting and arguing in the backstage area, is not what I want in my band. It is also dishonest to the fans and makes you sick in the long run and I just don’t want that anymore. David Reece is a highly professional and an energetic singer who will revive the classic Bonfire songs.  Old and new members will add a spark to the old Bonfire sound while still remaining loyal to its roots."

With new artist management and new concert agency, Bonfire will go on a European tour in May.

The first shows Bonfire will be headlining will also have special guests Ela and Battle Beast. A number of summer festivals have already been confirmed.

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