Saturday, January 10, 2015

KRIGBLAST: Debut Full Length Out Now; Power Till Demise Video Clip Released‏

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The newest Selfmadegod Records signing is US based crust/punk sensation – KRIGBLAST!

KRIGBLÅST is punk band based in Austin, Texas including Shane Mclachlan of PHOBIA and FINAL CONFLICT on bass. “Power Till Demise” is 10-song debut album full of intense and melodic d-beat/crustpunk heavily influenced by ANTI-CIMEX, DISCHARGE, BASTARD, WOLFPACK, WOLFBRIGADE, MASSKONTROLL, with little dose of black metal in the vein of DARKTHRONE. CD version also includes 4 songs from the self-titled 7”EP (including DARKTHRONE’s “Transilvanian Hunger” cover song). Recorded, mixed and mastered at Enormous Door (MISERY, POISON IDEA, SELFISH) by Jack Control.

“Power Till Demise” is out now on Selfmadegod Records and can be ordered at this location while digital download is available here.

You can also check official video clip for the song “Power Till Demise” directed by John Hale at YouTube.

1. Burn It All
2. The Lies
3. Awaken The Nightmare
4. No Mockeries
5. Watch Them Die
6. Power Till Demise
7. Shattered Reflections
8. Destroy The Hive
9. Voices of Wrath
10. Cut Through
11. The Kill          
12. Fully Charged               
13. A Vision For You          
14. Transilvanian Hunger

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