Friday, January 30, 2015

Nightwish posts new trailer

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Finland-based symphonic metal masters NIGHTWISH recently revealed the title of their upcoming new studio album called »Endless Forms Most Beautiful«. The record will be out on March 27th (EU), 30th (UK) and 31st (US).

Today NIGHTWISH release the tenth album trailer. In this episode the band shares their memories on the recordings of »Endless Forms Most Beautiful«. Check it out here:

Commented NIGHTWISH keyboard player and main songwriter Tuomas Holopainen: “The writing process was extremely smooth and relatively easy. I had more fun than ever during the recordings. The Röskö summer camp was a lot of fun. The days were filled with friendship, hope and music. Obviously the sad thing was that Jukka had to step aside – but everything else has been really good.”

Added bassist Marco Hietala: “The songs did grow during the process. We started out with Tuomas’ computer demos and my own demos. We put them together – and started building the songs around those basic blocks. They really grew in depth and character along the way.”

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