Friday, January 23, 2015

Running Death: 'Overdrive' tracklist revealed

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Recently, new Running Death full-length recordings have been completed. Works has been held at Ghost City Recordings (Stillborn, Hyrax, An Act of Grace and many more). The album, titled "Overdrive", will be released next spring by italian label Punishment 18 Records. The band has already released two EPs, "Raging Nightmare" (2010) and "The Call of Extinction" (2012). See the tracklist below!

01. It Begins
02. Hell On Earth
03. Psycho
04. Remote Controlled
05. Close Minded
06. Raging Nightmare
07. Deludium
08. Mercenary
09. Pray For Death
10. Reduced
11. Overdrive
12. I See A Fire

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