Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Delirium X Tremens posts cover version

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The Dolomitic death metal band DELIRIUM X TREMENS is thinking out of the box again. DELIRIUM X TREMENS want to propose you a new cover of a great and memorable band. This band has almost nothing to do with death metal...we're speaking about 'Pet Sematary' by Ramones! 

You can listen to the song on the new official YouTube channel of the band, launched exactly for this important occasion. 

In the meantime they're going on with the composition of the new album which will explore again frozen past events and ancient legends of their majestic Dolomiti mountains!

The song is also available for the download to the Official SoundCloud page of the band: https://soundcloud.com/delirium-x-tremens/delirium-x-tremens-pet-sematary-ramones-tribute

Stay tuned, the furious wind of the mountains will blow with rage again!

VIDEOCLIP: www.youtube.com/watch?v=To9clEAm4Gw

- Delirium X Tremens -
- Punishment 18 Records -

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