Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keep of Kalessin releases new album

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The new album of Keep Of Kalessin is finally here! Here is what the press had to say about the monumental epic that is "Epistemology":

10/10 - Metal Temple: "The Dragon has awakened from his slumber, so surrender yourselves to “Epistemology” as soon as possible."

9/10 - Metal Only: "Keep Of Kalessin again unleash catchy and timeless Death-/Black-Metal anthems with a modern production."

9.5/10 - Ave Noctum: "This is Keep Of Kalessin now, not ten or 15 years ago, as the tune sets out its mission of epic progressive black metal which is nothing new per se but the final product is resoundingly ostentatious."

5/6 - Adressavisa: "Back as a power trio, without compromise and as hard-hitting as ever before."

To listen to the album click HERE!

Keep of Kalessin will be playing at this years Blastfest, on Friday 20th of February and they will be having a signing session at the Indie Recordings stand!

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