Friday, February 27, 2015

New album from NEFASTIS

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Long awaited NEFASTIS' new album has just been released! The opera in four acts is seeing the light after four months from it official release date, because of vicissitudes due to My Graveyard Production's desertion.

The band from Milan took a very important decision, up with times and in the spirit that bonds the group to the passion for their music. “De Diebus Fastis Nefastis Infaustis”, this the new album's title, is available for free download from the official band's website, where it will also be possible to buy the Digipack CD.

Here are Simone Colombo's own words (guitar/vocals):
When our label abandoned us, for never specified reasons, it has been tough. But we rolled up our sleeves and we accomplished all of the obligations and shows lined up. During our shows we received many praises and lots of recognition from new and old fans, so we said to ourselves "Fuck it, if they appreciate the new material, let's make the whole album available to anyone!" and we decided to let it be downloadable for free from our website.
We never aimed to make money with music, we simply want our art to be spread around and hopefully to be appreciated, if not loved. This way, without any pressure from labels, we can reach as many people as possible around the whole world!"

The band recorded at their own studios, mixing and mastering were instead completed at 16th Cellar Studio in Rome, under the expert and attentive eye of Stefano Morabito (Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Agony face).

12 are the tracks of the new record:
1.            Black and Demons
2.            Under my Scars
3.            Napalm Asphalt and Violence
4.            Last Days of Autumn
5.            Cold Wind
6.            Grave of Ice
7.            Stream of Consciousness
8.            First Fear
9.            Morning Shadows
10.          Synthetic Plague
11.          Fucked by Alcohol
12.          Facing New Demons

Free streaming of Synthetic Plague, second single from the latest effort of the band, is besides available at this address.

For further info about the new release, to order the digi-cd or official merchandise, to check out mp3s, live dates, news and everything else about NEFASTIS check out the band's official web-spaces:

NEFASTIS Official Web Site:
NEFASTIS Official Fb Page:

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