Friday, February 20, 2015

The Order of Apollyn streams new album

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THE ORDER OF APOLLYON are having their new album streamed on NO CLEAN SINGING website : HERE

01. Own The Youth
02. Hatred Over Will
03. Our Flowers Are The Sword And The Dagger
04. Al 3ankabout
05. Hold Not Thy Peace, O God Of My Praise
06. Chants Of Purification
07. The Curse Is Poured Upon Them
08. By Your Command We Return To Dust
09. Eight Pillars
10. The Hand That Became Weak
11. Omnis Honor Et Gloria

Formed in 2008 by BST and Daniel Wilding (now in CARCASS) , then respectively guitarist and drummer for ABORTED, THE ORDER OF APOLLYON’s aim has been since the start to incarnate the Word and the Wrath of God. Their debut album was based on the dichotomy opposing the material world, the world of the Flesh, and the world beyond matter, bathed in His light and His glory.

After a radical line-up change, and the induction of new blood comin from the depths of the French Black Metal Underground scene, the band started playing more shows, including France’s Hellfest, and prepared their second opus, “The Sword And The Dagger”, with a more radical approach to both their music and lyrics, and including a wider range of influences, from raw Orthodox Black Metal and Death Metal, to Martial industrial music.

"The Sword and the Dagger" carries a lot of vibrancy and killer musicianship, it is a monstruous sounding genuine death metal album that will please both fans of true black metal and evil death metal.

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