Friday, March 6, 2015

Captain Horizon release free single

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Midlands-based alternative rockers Captain Horizon have released a free single "Can't You See What I've Become" taken from their forthcoming 2nd album "Imitation Sun".

The album is set for release on 11th May 2015 on Rocksector Records and will perhaps for the first time define the band's sound and approach to making music. Guitarist Josh Watson explains.. "We're not a metal band, not an indie band, not a rock band, or a punk band either. We write energetic music with guitars, drums and passionate vocals and even though we don't really know what genre we actually fit into, it's an interesting development that the album sounds so unified and purposeful. For the first time we can sit back and listen with a clear idea of what Captain Horizon actually is".

The free single can be downloaded now at

The band has previously released 3 EPs, followed by a debut album "The Lights Of Distorted Science" which was re-released as a digital-only bonus edition when they signed with Rocksector Records in 2014.

With artwork designed and completed by drummer James Merrix, the new album was recorded at Robbanas Studios in Birmingham (England), produced and mixed by Josh Watson, then mastered at Fluid Mastering, London.

Track listing....
1. Can't You See What I've Become 
2. Sword 
3. The Dark 
4. It Matters To You 
5. Ready For The Fall 
6. Imitation Sun 
7. Comforting 
8. Silence Of Vera 
9. My Town 
10. Work Out Right

Mark Appleton owner/manager of Rocksector Records has this to say.. "This is an uncommonly well-crafted selection of songs. For some people, myself included,  it may take a couple of listens to click but the themes and melodies are positively impressive, inventive and positively invasive. Existing fans will know all about this but for those that are new.. welcome to Captain Horizon!"

As well as a variety of tour dates, there will be an album launch event on Friday 22nd May at Birmingham, O2 Academy 3, with an aftershow in the Island Bar afterwards. More details on that to come.

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