Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cryptex – new single "New York Foxy"

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New York Foxy available today

The first single of the new album “Madeleine Effect“ by Cryptex is available since today on iTunes. Now everyone can get a first impression of the new record by the German Progressive-Folk band. The song, called “New York Foxy“, combines everything that represents the new album: Heavy guitars, huge choir-arrangements, raging drums, quieter moments and a very rich and fat sound that, with a certain transparency, presents the listener all the little details as good as possible. Experience it by yourself! CLICK
Simon Moskon already wrote the lyrics to the song in 2004, in a hotel in New York City, but didn’t dare to complete it for almost ten years. “New York Foxy“ reflects the huge contrasts of the city between glamour, succ ess and beauty but also despair and violence.
You can find the single exclusively in the iTunes store. NOTE: If you pre-order the “Madeleine Effect“-album on iTunes, you’ll get immediately – and therefore one month before the release – “New York Foxy“ as download single for free!
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Studio Report Nr. 3

For the latest issue of their studio podcast about the making of the new album, Cryptex chose a pretty extravagant ambience. Oil paintings and chandeliers determined the atmosphere for the final production phase of “Madeleine Effect”. You can watch the result here:

Tour dates Cryptex „Madeleine Effect-Tour Part 1“
18th April 2015 – Barsinghausen (GER) – ASB station Basche
24th April 2015 – Salzgitter (GER) – Forellenhof
27th April 2015 – Kassel (GER) – Theaterstübchen
30th April 2015 – Lauterbach (GER) – Crown
02nd May 2015 – Markneukirchen (GER) – Warwick Hall
03rd May 2015 – Augsburg (GER) – Spectrum Club
08th May2015 – Braunschweig (GER) – Barnaby´s Blues Bar
09th May 2015 – Kelkheim (GER) – Jazzclub
17th July 2015 – Salzgitter (GER) – Altstadtfest

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