Sunday, March 29, 2015

ENSLAVED hit the charts around the world

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NUCLEAR BLAST is proud to announce the new ENSLAVED album "In Times" has entered the charts at the following positions around the globe:

Norway #28
Finland: #39
Germany: #66
Netherland: #97
UK: #133
UK Rock #9
UK Indie #25

#4American Billboard Heatseekers
#15 Billboard Hard Music
#105 Top Current Albums

#20 Hard Music
#198 Top Current Albums

These are the best chart results ever for ENSLAVED in these countries.
Congratulation, Boys!!!

The band states:
This is such an adventure, seeing how the album is getting such an amazing reception around the world! The chart positions are making us very proud but also humble,
knowing how much the teams around us at the management, label, booking agents and dedicated fan-core have worked to get this album and the word about it out there.
The world might be going down the drain, but the Enslaved extended family is just doing just fine. Thank you each and every one of you! See you at a venue very soon!“

The new album  was released on March 06, 2015 via Nuclear Blast!

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Track by track, part 1:
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Album Trailer #2:

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