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ÉOHUM reveal new band epoch

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Éohum - 'Yew trees' in old English, Yew tree is the Tree of Life for the English tribes of our past pre-dating most of the Celt languages, which blended Latin to their own afterwards.

Formed in 2010 from the mind of guitarist / writer Jeremy Perkins, Éohum (pronounced ee-o-um) brings together some of the most dark and groove oriented metals of heavy low end doom riffs to meet black metal atmospheres.  With shredding guitar tones uplifted by the French horns plus a touch of clean breaks with beautiful lyrics and vocals, Éohum expand their style within the relentless drive that surround a new air, a new sound, an attempt to join forces with eco-awareness and spirit for their upcoming debut album, 'Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch', which will be made available as a pay what you want release via Perkins' indie label Mycelium Networks.

"April 7th we unleash our first beast, 'Revelations Aurora Of An Epoch' and it will give everyone a good idea of what Éohum has to offer. A storm of relentless black, doom and death metal embark together on a ship of progressive madness. With guests like Matt McGachy on this album, one can enjoy a multitude of arrangements with its original sound, which we are so proud to share with the world, but this is just the beginning!" comments Perkins.

Track Listing
1. Leaving Harbour
2. Rooted Deep Within 
3. Equatorial Rains 
4. Defined Sacredness 
5. Revelations, Aurora of an Epoch
6. Wiser Every Sunrise
7. Thus Spewed Thy Infectious Reign 
8. Give Us O' Rain 

The release features a collective of musicians that includes guest vocals from Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy) (Tracks 3-4-5-7), Lana Edwards (Intro & Outro), Phillippe Rieder (Track 6), Nick Wybo (ex-Vinyl Hero) on drums, Annie Perreault on French horn/trumpet, Sylvain Dumont on guitar, James Heymans on bass and Perkins himself on guitar plus a live line up that includes drummer Simon Mackay (The Agonist) and vocalist Barrie Butler (ex : Tard).

 “I like to have guests and friends from the scene on the album it gives a great touch and makes our stuff evolve and progress tremendously. The album should be received as fresh meat on the slab, especially with a French horn with groove doom low ends that makes the Éohum sound stand out.” says Perkins.

With so much talent from various backgrounds, Éohum blend the most gruesome with the cleanest of black and doom metal to create hypnotic riffs with seducing horns ready to be injected into the veins of metal fans.

“Musically ‘Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch’ gives a great opportunity to taste a different aspect where you can chill out to a doom song and get up and swing your 4 foot long hair to our blackest riffs a second later in this relentless progression. Expect a groove and good sounding black metal without the new age tech-metal touches, we stick to the root, but with a better sound than black metal is usually attributed too and some doom to make your day.” Perkins adds.

Listen to the title-track of "Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch" through the following link:

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