Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Frantic Amber releases new single

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From Wacken to Sweden Rock: Frantic Amber releases single Soar from forthcoming debut album Burning Insight, release 15th of April. 

The Swedish Wacken Metal battle winners from 2012, Frantic Amber, have in the last two years toured in Russia, played at scenes such as Sweden Rock Festival, Wacken Open Air and at Swedens national radio’s award “P3 Guld”. Their sound is a mix of heavy, aggressivity and melodies and have reach great appreciation among fans all around the world.

Frantic Amber has members from four different countries: Denmark, Sweden, Japan and Columbia.

“Soar has a very strong and positive message. It’s about appreciating all the good things that we have, to not give up or let negativity get us down but rather just to soar! It’s okay to look to the light. When things get tough seek inwards and find your strength to get out of the darkness. It makes us stronger and you choose who you want to be.” Frantic Amber

“We do what we love doing and share that with the world to listen to and we hope to inspire others as well as give them music they can relate to and most importantly feel something from. Playing live is the best output for us to do this with our passion for being on stage and we will continue to play abroad and widen our horizons on the global map.” Frantic Amber

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