Thursday, March 12, 2015

Helhorse in the studio

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In early fall 2014 the band decided that is was time to hit the studio and work on their third album. With a new bass player and new tunes the band has just gone into the studio recording.

Right from the start Helhorse and the bands manager Jim Wurtz Hemmje was determined that this album should be recorded in collaboration with a record producer which they felt would be able to understand and empathize with the sound and expression of what Helhorse is and can do.

The absolute favourite record producer on the list was Michael Beinhorn. Michael Beinhorn has produced among many great albums SOUNDGARDEN ”Superunknown”, KORN ”Untouchables” HOLE ”Celebrity Skin”, OZZY OSBOURNE ”Ozzmosis”

Jim Würtz Hemmje Says:
“The guys from the band had a lot of ideas to whom it should be to work with as producer. A lot of producers were in play and as the discussion went along the producers became more and more crazy as to credits, résumé and all that. But everybody kept mentioning this guy, Michael Beinhorn and I looked up his profile and thought well yeah right. But damn it would be awesome. I think we all thought that.
Some days past and I talked to Mikkel about how we would be able to get in contact with him. If you don’t take any chances you’re not getting anywhere right…
Mikkel got hold on his contact and I sent him a mail and a download link with Helhorse back catalogue. An hour past and I got confirmation from Wetransfer that Michael had downloaded the back catalogue. A couple of hours later I recieved a mail from him where he wrote: “Hi Jim, this music makes me smile and I haven’t smiled for a while”. Suddenly I thought, Damn! – did we just nail Michael Beinhorn to work on Helhorse next album?!? Now he’s here and I think this album will be awesome.”

Helhorse promise we will see them on some of the festivals this Summer armed with a bunch of new tracks but off course also tracks form their latest album “Oh Death”.

The band are well known for their intense live performances and armed with new tracks the audience better have to prepare themselves for serious punches to their eardrums

More details about forthcoming album will come soon.

Helhorse announces new bass-player!

With some intense live performances as Roskilde Festival and Copenhell in the bag and a goodbye to former Helhorse bass player Søren Hansen, Helhorse hits the studio with new tracks, new bass player - Theis Roed Thogersen.

After three weeks of audition looking for the new bass player Helhorse finally found a replacement. The level of skills and amount of candidates was high. The Band picked Theis Roed Thogersen who now will be in charge of the Helhorse rythmsection. Theis is 32 years old has played the bass since his early teens. Theis practically played just beside Helhorse rehearsal room.

Theis says:
” Putting it shortly I think it’s totally crazy that I got chosen for the gig. When I first wrote to the band it was more as a personal challenge, then actually expecting to be a new member of the band. There are still days where I can’t believe it.
I’ve been welcomed with open arms by the guys and I’m ecstatic to be a part of this madness that is Helhorse”.

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