Friday, March 13, 2015

IRON SAVIOR to release "Megatropolis 2.0" album in April

Metalnews Power of
Not one, but two new IRON SAVIOR products are set to arrive in the next few months! We already announced the band's first ever LIVE DVD/CD a while ago, but before that, a new version of their "Megatropolis" album, titled "MEGATROPOLIS 2.0" (which comes with a new mix and a lot of re-recordings) will be released on April 24th.
Piet Sielck comments:
"AFM has informed me that our "Megatrolis" album is sold out, so the idea came up to rework the material and release a new edition. Being unhappy with the album for a long time, I am absolutely delighted to get a chance to correct my errors. The new mix will carry all Iron Savior trademarks such as big choir backings and lots of multi timbral vocals. I left all these goodies out at the time to make the album more distinguishable from my former second band Savage Circus... a fatal error, which I finally can correct now."

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