Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Quality Steel Records - CRIMSON SWAN - Videoclip available

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German Death-Doomers CRIMSON SWAN proudly present a videoclip, thus a first full song, of their debut full-length "Unlit", which is out now on Quality Steel Records.

Check out “Accusations” at this location:

Plaintive leads and elegiac keys form a solemn symbiosis with a slowly crushing rhythm section, topped off by the interplay of wistful clean-vocals and brutal growls… Doom or be doomed!

1. Fade To Nothingness
2. A Waterfall Of Sorrow
3. Words Of Perdition
4. Unlit
5. Accusations
6. Voidhaven

28.03.15 - GER - Hamburg, Bambi Galore
31.10.15 - NL - Rotterdam, Baroeg / Dutch Doom Days XIV

Robert – Guitars
Simon – Vocals & Guitars
Marcos – Keys
Jakob – Bass

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