Monday, March 9, 2015

Supuration releasing new album

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French cult death/prog mongers SUPURATION are issuing a new album on LISTENABLE RECORDS called 'Reveries' . It contains brand new recording of old tracks initially written in 1990 and freshly mastered by thy death metal master himself Dan Swano who recently worked on ACHERON and INCANTATION records for Listenable records. Dan Sea Grave has been commissioned fior the artwork.

Ludovic Loez (guitars / vocals) elaborates : "We really wanted to record these songs again as they 're the testimony of our musical roots ,we listened to a lot of ENTOMBED, CARCASS, PESTILENCE at the time and that obviously gets noticed when listening to these tracks."
"Most tracks appeared on our rehearsal demo and mini cd initially issued in 1990 . «ephemeral paradise» was featured on the 9092 compilation album and recorded during our sessions for 'Incubation' album."

"We never intended to make drastic musical changes and keep the original old school death metal style and organic flavour which pleases us the most."

Added bonus tracks are cover of ANTHRAX 's cover ' Among the Living' which was originally recorded for a movie soundtrack, TWISTED SISTER 's ' The Beast' , PARADISE LOST 'Shattered' were songs they jammed at the rehearsal room and came out killer !.

Ludo continues :"This recording really brings back excellent memories to all of us of the early much cherished 90s death metal scene ".

SUPURATION wil play HELLFEST 2015 under the monicker of SUP which is the full progressive music side of the band.
Check them out !

01) Avoid the Contamination
02) Tales from the Crematory
03) Suffocate Through Asphyxia
04) Suppurated
05) Hypertrophy - Sordid and Outrageous Emanations
06) Sultry Obsession
07) Reveries of a Bloated Cadaver
08) Ephemeral Paradise
09) Shattered (PARADISE LOST)
10) The Beast (TWISTED SISTER)
11) Among the Living (ANTHRAX)

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