Saturday, March 28, 2015

THYRGRIM will enter the studio in July

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THYRGRIM are a strong part of the German Black Metal underground and now, one and half years after the release of their latest album "Erwachen" the quartet will enter the studio again to record their fifth album. The release is scheduled for September 2015 via Talheim Records. A first short and raw taste is available here:

Furthermore there is the chance to get a first live impression of some of the new songs, besides old ones, at the following dates:
11.04.2015 Oberhausen Helvete Germany with NORTHERN PLAGUE and more
23.05.2015 St. Pölten frei:raum Austria with RAGNAROK(NO) - FHOI MYORE (F) and SVARTA (AT)
04.07.2015 Under The Black Sun
21.08.2015 Burning Alm
02.10. - 17.10. Release Tour (9 concerts FIN - GER - NL)

More information about THYRGRIM can be found here:
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