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UNLEASHED - first track-by-track trailer released‏

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Warriors!!! Hear the sound of the battle cry! With their new album »Dawn Of The Nine«, legendary Swedish trailblazers UNLEASHED have forged a modern Death Metal weapon from the blood and spirit of their Viking ancestors. 
Now the band is offering fans a taster of their forthcoming masterpiece, in the form of the first part in a series of track-by-track videos. 

Check out the video (with song snippets) here:

Mastermind Johnny commented further on the idea behind the first three songs on the new album:

A New Day Will Rise:
After the great battle of Odalheim (last song on the previous album), the storyline from the book of the world of Odalheim now continues. The great war is coming to an end.  The “third power” that entered the scene, forced both sides to retreat with tremendous losses. The only hope now is the avenger of Odalheim and the warriors of Midgard are convinced that their time will come.

They Came To Die:
In the aftermath of the great war, many of the soldiers for White Christ saw no future in returning to their leader. Surrendering to the Hammer battalions, knowing that they would get shot down on sight seemed like a better idea. They came to die.

Defenders Of Midgard:
As time passed, the Midgard Warriors prepared for life in this new situation. A time to heal and prepare for what is about to come. With the wisdom from their past and their current strength& determination, the time has come to rise and defend what is rightfully ours. The Althing initiated a campaign to hunt down all that is left of White Christ’s rule in Svithiod and to reinstate the Hammer and the Rule of Thor.

Watch the lyric video of the first single 'Where Is Your God Now?':

Tracklist of “Dawn Of The Nine”
1.         A New Day Will Rise
2.         They Came To Die
3.         Defenders Of Midgard
4.         Where Is Your God Now?
5.         The Bolt Thrower
6.         Let The Hammer Fly
7.         Where Churches Once Burned
8.         Land Of The Thousand Lakes
9.         Dawn Of The Nine
10.       Welcome The Son Of Thor!

The forthcoming release was recorded by producer and guitar player Fredrik Folkare in his own Chrome Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. The artwork their twelfth studio album was created by Pär Olofsson (IMMORTAL, DEMONAZ, EXODUS…) and it will be released April 24, 2015 via Nuclear Blast.

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