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EREB ALTOR - "Nattramn" Track by Track commentaries

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EREB ALTOR - "Nattramn"-Track by Track commentaries by Mats of Ereb Altor 

The son of Vindsvalr is winter itself. This is an intro with pounding drums and distant choirs to set the mood for the album.
Midsommarblot comes in when the winter has passed. The Norsemen have endured yet another long cold winter and will make a blood sacrifice to the Gods Frej and Freja for a good harvest and a long summer. This is an epic piece with choirs and harmonies with a Nordic touch. As in most cases when we deal with Norse mythology or the life of the Vikings Ereb Altor lean a little bit more to the epic and grandiose sound and composition.
3. NATTRAMN                     
The title track Nattramn is the first song of three in a row that will tell stories from the Swedish folklore like we did on the Gastrike album. And the sound is more harsh and the song stretches towards the landscape where Black metal reigns. This is one of the most primitive songs in Ereb Altor’s history but I still tried to capture the usual “Ereb Altor atmosphere”. Still it’s pretty straightforward except the chorus where some “odd beats” appear, when you can do parts with “broken beats” without destroying the flow of the song it’s simply brilliant in my opinion. The song deals with a creature from the Swedish folklore called Nattramn. A Nattramn is a raven-like creature often described with big claws and sharp teeth. A Nattramn is either a soul of a dead child which was never baptized or the soul of a sinner that couldn’t find rest. Nattramns travels during the nights on their way from east to west to find the grave of Christ, it’s the only way for them to release their souls from this nightmare and Nattramns are vicious creatures so people should take cover if they see a big raven during the night.
The dance of the elves is a story about where the elves lure their victims to participate in their nocturnal dance where time moves differently and a whole century can pass while you are dancing with the elves for only one night. If you see the mist over the fields or meadows just before dawn you might be staring at the elves. Musically the dance of the elves is somewhat more melodic than the other songs on the album.
This is what epic Black Metal is to me. Dark Waters is about a creature born in the underworld according to Swedish legends. A creature playing enchanting tunes with his violin and it’s almost impossible to resist his music. He is driven by envy and he despises the common people “the ones who walks above” and he will try to drown everyone he can get his hand on. If you are able to trick him you might learn to play the violin from him and you will become one of the greatest musicians to walk on the face of the earth. But the stakes are high.
“Across the giants blood” is the Majestic Doom Hymn of the album. With a slower pace to make the listener feel the long-ship rocking in the waves of the Ocean. The ice breaks on the spring and the men of the North set their sails to cross the Sea and conquer foreign shores.
The last song of the album “Nemesis of Frej” is the most diverse song. The story starts with huge sound telling the History of Muspelheim and the famous sword made of fire that belongs to Surt the King of fire. When The King of Fire rides towards the final battle the pace increases into fierce blastbeats and at the end of Ragnarök the sound of DOOM takes over.

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Here´s the Lyric video clip for the grim title track "Nattramn":
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"This album contains melodies that everybody will croon and heavy parts that will make the gods tremble! Another strong release from EREB ALTOR that you have to check out!"
- Dennis Ekdahl (THYRFING)

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