Thursday, April 2, 2015

LISTENABLE new releases listerning pages: SUPURATION / UNDEAD

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UNDEAD : 'False Prophecies' - EU : 27/04/2015
User: UND2015
Pass: falpro666

UNDEAD was founded by 5 individuals back from the dead with a similar musical vision who decided to gather reviving forces in order to honor authentic old school Death Metal as initially mastered by bands like POSSESSED, MORBID ANGEL, CELTIC FROST, MASTER , OBITUARY, DEATH…
Listen to Voices Within HERE

SUPURATION : 'Reveries…' - EU : 29/05/15
U: SUP2015
P: rever666

Originally founded in 89, French cult death/prog mongers SUPURATION are issuing a new album called 'Reveries' . It contains brand new recordings of old tracks initially written in 1990 and freshly mastered by thy death metal master himself Dan Swanö who recently worked on ACHERON and INCANTATION records for Listenable records. Album artwork was comissioned to legendary artist Dan Seagrave.

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