Thursday, April 16, 2015

RIVERS OF NIHIL have completed work on second full length album!

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RIVERS OF NIHIL have completed work on second full length album!
Reading, PA's RIVERS OF NIHIL have officially completed work on their follow up to The Conscious Seed of Light. The band tracked at Atrium Audio (, just a short drive from their hometown to Lancaster, PA with producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland. Guitarist Brody Uttley detailed the equipment and process in a pair of blogs, exclusively for Read those both HERE and HERE.

The new album's details will be released within the coming weeks and is tentatively scheduled for a late summer release worldwide on Metal Blade Records. Stay tuned for music, art, tour dates, and more.

RIVERS OF NIHIL's debut album, The Conscious Seed of Light, was recorded in March of 2013 at Mana Recording Studios in Florida with famed metal producer/musician Erik Rutan. While The Conscious Seed of Light is not necessarily a concept album traditionally speaking, RIVERS OF NIHIL began their project with the idea that they would release four separate albums tied together with one common theme: each reflecting a particular season of a year. Bassist Adam Biggs elaborates; "The Conscious Seed of Light is intended to be representative of spring and explores various themes concerning new beginnings, growth, and an attachment to the natural world in a post-human Earth. Unlike some concept records however, we wanted to allow each song to work on its own terms. Rather than have the songs rely on each other to move a specific story structure forward; they work within their own separate narratives, but ultimately serve the album's broader concept." RIVERS OF NIHIL's lineup is rounded out by guitarists Brody Uttley, vocalist Jake Dieffenbach, and drummer Alan Balamut.

"Rivers of Nihil manage to do something unashamedly modern, and yet make death metal sound twisted and malevolent" Terrorizer Magazine

"lyrics are the band's greatest strength. Conscious Seed chronicles the self-inflicted fall if homo sapiens and the posthuman world's rise with zero pretence, remarkable insight and one of the least anthropocentric P.O.V.s in showbiz." 9/10, Decibel Magazine

"Your next favorite death metal band"

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