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THE GROTESQUERY - Curse Of The Skinless Bride - OUT NOW

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And here´s some statements on this killer album that is released today!

"Old school horror meets old school death metal once again for the 3rd Grotesquery album. A vile stew of familiar ingredients cooked to absolute perfection by 2 master chefs doing what they're good at. So all you horror hounds and death metal fiends, come lap it up!"
"THE GROTESQUERY brings another solid slice of assassination - the old school way! This is an album that first makes your skin crawl, then deftly flays it off your carcass…ears first!"
Thomas Wouters (BODYFARM)
"Horrifying Old School Death Metal done right! A creepy and haunting ending to a briliant trilogy of morbid storytelling!"
"These are great Death Metal sons with catchy riffs, a dark atmosphere and the unmistakable voice of master grunter Kam Lee!"

To be ordered here:
Curse Of The Skinless Bride
Cyclone Empire
10 April 2015
Artist:            THE GROTESQUERY
Title:             Curse Of The Skinless Bride
Origin:          USA/Sweden
Style:             Horror Death Metal
Format:         CD / Ltd. LP / Download
Cat.-Nr.:        CYC 149-1 (LP) / CYC 149-2 (CD)
Barcode:      4046661361520 (CD)
                       4046661361414 (LP)
Release:      10.04.2015
Territory:        World
PC:                 FULL (LP) / FULL (CD)



1.   Intro/Unholy Reprisal - Resurrection Of The Coffin Born
2.   The Missing And The Detective´s Hunch
3.   Return To The House Of Grotesque
4.   Of Death And Unspeakable Things
5.   Her Exquisite Corpse - The Skinless Bride
6.   Frightful Sight Of The Skinless Corpse And The Worm
7.   Downfall - It´s All Gone To Hell
8.   Rise - The Advent Of The Crooked Man
9.   The Creature And The Elder Sign
10. Magnum Innominandum - He Of The Yellow Sign
11. Thy Kingdom Infernal - A Promise Of Hell
12. Hasturs Homecoming - All Hell Awaits
13. This Is The End
14. The Betrayer And The Man Child


Sales Arguments

- Long awaited third album by this Death Metal Supergroup feat. Kam Lee (Ex-MASSACRE, DEATH/MANTAS, BONE GNAWER) and Rogga J. (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, BONE GNAWER, Ex-EDGE OF SANITY…) on guitar.
- The songs tell once more an outstanding, gloomy and morbid Horror-Concept-story influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and E.A. Poe
- This is the final missing part of the “Coffin Born Trilogy”
- Musically it´s a perfect mash up of the first two albums
- The fantastic artistic skills of Grand Master Turkka Rantanen are used for the entire dark & ominous atmosphere to the outer and inner layers of the album design. Bringing to life the lunatic happenings and insane witnessings of Matthew Ward and Detective Alexander Salem
- The brutal, clear and transparent sound was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at Enhanced Audio Prod.
- for fans of: BOLT THROWER, MASSACRE, early GOREFEST, H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe, Ambroce Bierce


“I feel this third album is the best we have to offer, and I feel the fans will think so as well, and I have absolute confidence in the music we created together that it shall make this a very 'classic' release indeed.”(Kam Lee)


THE GROTESQUERY is 'old school' 90's style Occult Horror Death Metal!! The band was formed in early 2009, when musician ROGGA JOHANSSON {PAGANIZER, RIBSPEADER, DEMIURG, BONE GNAWER, REVOLTING & others...} and vocalist KAM LEE {BONE GNAWER, THE SKELETAL, BROKEN GRAVESTONES, GRAVE WAX, & formerly of bands: MANTAS/DEATH, MASSACRE, DENIAL FIEND} started talking just after finishing up work on their Horror/Gore Death Metal band BONE GNAWER's debut album in 2008.

CURSE OF THE SKINLESS BRIDE is the third full length story/concept album from the occult death metal band THE GROTESQUERY.
Conceptually and lyrically this album finalizes the "Coffin Born Trilogy" - and serves as a sequel to the first album: TALES OF THE COFFIN BORN (2010), as well chronologically takes place  before the events of the second album: THE FACTS AND TERRIFYING TESTAMENT OF MASON HAMILTON: TSATHOGGUA TALES (2012)- thus serving as a side story prequel to the that albums lyrical story concept.
Still taking influences heavily from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and the style and moody dark haunting settings of E.A. Poe, this is a return to that dark haunted house upon the hill: the Ward estate, and the gloomy cemetery and tunnels beneath the cursed grounds first introduced in the debut album.
It takes place about 10 years after the events of the first album's story ends, and about 15 to 16 years before the beginning of the story arc of the second album's plot line.
You'll find out what happens to the character Matthew Ward - who was introduced on the first album , and get a bit more insight to the character Mason Hamilton who was the main protagonist on the second album, and learn of his true origin.
Also introduced is a new character, a private detective by the name of Alexander Salem, and the main plot unfolds from his perspective, as well as from Matthew Wards point of view.
Really exploring the type of macabre mystery and classic gothic horror story telling of classic PULP FICTION novels of the early 20th century.
Musically the band still retains the essential roots and seeds of it's old school death metal origins, and yet on this album the band slightly side steps the delve into a more atmospheric gothic/doom and avantgarde realms. Although the music ever so slightly bends in places - it is not such a drastic change in direction to overwhelm the listener , but rather a slow integration of style to be absorbed into the bloodstream like poisoning.

Berglund, Johan - 4 string subsonic invocations
Johansson, Rogga - 6 string violent vibrations and cryptic compositions
Helgetun, Brynjar - Conversations with spirits by means of ritualistic percussions
Lee, Kam - Occultic readings, poetry blasphemies, and evil lyrical evokings 

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