Monday, May 18, 2015

Broadside 'Damaged Kids' Lyric Video Premiere With New Noise

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BROADSIDE Release “Damaged Kids” Lyric Video With New Noise Magazine
New Album, Old Bones, Out May 18th

Interview Opportunities Available With All Members

Broadside have partnered with New Noise Magazine to bring you a brand new track, “Damaged Kids”, from their debut album Old Bones, coming this Monday, May 18th.

“Damaged Kids” translates that pivotal moment of unearthing the connection between music and human emotion.  Vocalist Ollie Baxxter explains, “Taking in words from artists like Joy Division and reflecting my own emotions towards it, I wanted to do for someone else out there what these bands did for me.  Reinforcing the fact that you’re not broken, you’re not defeated, you haven’t given up on yourself, that’s what I took away from moments like that.”

“Hooks, honest lyrics, and a record with lasting value” - NEW NOISE MAGAZINE
Stay tuned for BROADSIDE summer tour dates coming soon.

Pre-orders for Old Bones are available now at and all pre-orders include an instant MP3 download of the first single "Coffee Talk.”
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