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ENTRAILS launch 3rd and final single "Obliterate" exclusively via Rock Hard Germany

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New album "Obliteration" out this Friday!

Swedish Death Metallers ENTRAILS are ready to unleash the fury! Their fourth longplayer (2nd for Metal Blade), "Obliteration", will be released next week Friday, the 15th of May as a limited first edition Digipak-CD with two bonustracks as well as on vinyl and digitally.

ENTRAILS now have partnered with Rock Hard Germany to release the 3rd single of this Death Metal masterpiece. Click HERE to check out "Obliterate"!

Comments ENTRAILS: ""Obliterate" is the third and final single before the actual album release. This is a groove monster, a vicious death metal attack that will crush your skull and haunt your soul forever!"

Listen to the 1st single "Beyond The Flesh" and check out the pre-order section at There is an exclusive bundle available as well!

"The four Swedes entertain a no-frills-approach on their fourth album. Five loud bell-rings as an intro, and then all hell breaks loose in the shape of the opening grandness of 'No Cross Left Unturned', which flattens the listener without warning. This is good old Swedeath-celebration at its most passionate. Regardless whether the band intones a hammering, earworm like 'The Grotesque' to growl along to, puts a rusty nail into your 'Midnight Coffin', or rolls across your 'Skulls' with a heavy tank on a battlefield, respectively unleashes an absolutely destroying 'Bonestorm': this is heart's blood put to music, authenticity and complete enthusiasm!" - Andreas Stappert, Deaf Forever magazine, 8,5 out of 10

"For my Entombed-longsleeve from THE WOLVERINE BLUES (1993), some of my colleagues already wanted to kill me, but now it is time again to wear it. The fireworks which Entrails display on OBLITERATION sounds like damn good 1990s Swedeath: fast, smart and crowned with a violent groove that makes contemporary Death Metal seem like children's birthday. Really heavy shit!"- Matthias Weckmann, Metal Hammer Germany, 6 out of 7'

Death Metal guru Dan Swanö adds: "I guess Entrails have sold their souls to the devil, because there is no other way to explain how a band that's been doing the same style of SweDeath for more than 20 years, can keep making better and better records! In fact, some of the tracks on this album are among the best Death Metal songs I have ever heard. Such a great album…it pisses me off!!!"

"Obliteration" tracklist:
1. No Cross Left Unturned
2. Epitome Of Death
3. Beyond The Flesh
4. The Grotesque
5. Obliterate
6. Skulls
7. Midnight Coffin
8. Bonestorm
9. Abyss Of Corpses
10. Re-Animation Of The Dead
11. Berzerk (bonus track)
12. Dreaming (bonus track)

24/07/15 DE - Bertingen - Rude Open Air
25/07/15 DE - Lörrach - Baden in Blut Open Air
02/08/15 SE - Malmö - KB w/Cannibal Corpse

Jimmy Lundqvist - guitars
Joakim Svensson - vocals/bass
Pontus Samuelsson - guitars
Adde Mitroulis - drums

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