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George Kollias unleashes full album stream

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GEORGE KOLLIAS is now presenting his forthcoming debut solo-album 'Invictus' in full via the official media partners below:

Pro-Rock (BG)
Rock Hard (DE)
Inferno (FI)
La Grosse Radio (FR)
Rock Hard (GR)
Lángoló Gitárok (HU) 

Metal Wani (IN)
Andfari (IS)
Metalitalia (IT)
Marunouchi Muzik (JP)  
Lords of Metal (NL)  
Eternal Terror (NO)
Against Magazine (PT)
Terrorizer (UK)

GEORGE KOLLIAS comments: "This album definitely stands for the best that I have done in music. 'Invictus' represents exactly who and where I am today, my playing, my sound, everything.

It was a big challenge to complete the album all by myself. Yet to me that was also the most fun part! I very much enjoyed getting back into recording guitars and bass, or sing, which i have not done for a long time- Although my time to complete this album was limited, it felt extremely rewarding to get into each level of the process.

'Invictus' comprises exactly what the words 'solo project' actually mean: one musician writing and performing all instruments. From the reactions so far, this has been a surprise to many people as that is not seen coming from an extreme metal drummer often. I have played most of these songs in my drum clinics already and have witnessed how strongly the fans are supporting this project. I want to dedicate this album to them. 'Invictus' was made for the fans from the start and I cannot wait to hear and read their reactions about the final product once this premiere has begun!"

'Invictus' is slated for release on the 18th of May and already on pre-sale via the Season of Mist shop at this address:

GEORGE KOLLIAS is still available for interviews. Please contact us for a phoner slot or mailer here.

01. Echoes of Divinity

02. Invictus
03. The Passage
04. Aeons of Burning Galaxies
05. Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead
06. Voices
07. Treasures of Nemesis
08. Apocalypse
09. Epitaph
10. Through Empty Eyes of Light
11. Buried under the Flames

Bonus Tracks
12. Aeons of Burning Galaxies (R. Cooley Shred Version)
13. Voices (E. Karadimas Vox Version)
14. Epitaph (Drum Track)
15. Apocalypse (A. Trapalis Violin Version) 

GEORGE KOLLIAS has firmly established a well earned reputation as a world-class drummer. His exceptional work with death metal legends NILE as well as heavily frequented percussion clinics around the globe and guest contributions have cemented George's status as a rare progeny with the sticks. Yet there is far more to the Greek musician than "just" drumming. 'Invictus', his debut solo album, proves that GEORGE KOLLIAS also exceeds on performing with all other instruments from the rock and metal spectrum. Tracks such as "Shall Rise, Shall Be Dead", "The Passage", and "Treasures of Nemesis" unleash a crushing death metal assault. His own exceptional work across all instruments is enriched by guest spots from members of established genre titans such as NILE, ROTTING CHRIST, FIREWIND and others. Far more than just a solo album vanity piece, 'Invictus' delivers classic, timeless death metal.

George Kollias: all instruments

Style: Death Metal


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