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MISERY INDEX release new video

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MISERY INDEX have released a new video for the track "The Harrowing" via Lambgoat.comThe excellent clip was directed by David Hall from Handshake Inc(PORTAL, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, VENOM, etc)
Regarding the new video, David Hall comments: "In February, Jason Netherton asked me if I would be interested in making a second video for 'The Killing Gods' track 'The Harrowing', says the director. "Of course, the answer was ‘yes’ and we started talking about ideas.  Jason had the concept of some sort of nefarious cult or gang that kidnaps someone, tortures them, tries to indoctrinate them, and eventually kills their victim. After some research and thought we came up with the idea of a Zodiac style outfit, just because the associated meaning is kind of open ending, and honestly, it’s creepy as hell.

While the costumes were being made, Jason and I did some location scouting and watched a bunch of weird cult videos and such and mapped the basic plot.  The band also had some great footage filmed in Europe on their tour last summer, so we decided to incorporate that as well.  After the initial cut, I felt something was missing, so we had singer and guitarist Mark Kloeppel film some footage performing the song, which was shot by Jeff Grindstopher of Grindstopher Productions, and we decided to incorporate some of the killer artwork Gary Ronaldson of Bite Radius Designs had created for 'The Killing Gods'.  I feel this video is a bit of a departure from some of the stuff I normally do, which I am really happy about.

To me this feels like a classic metal video… some great shots of the bands performing, creative footage to mirror some of the meaning of the song, and a little bit of the old ultraviolence. On a side note, when we were filming some of the Zodiac dudes in a field, a concerned citizen called the police and reported 'a bunch of big, masked dudes in a field wearing crosses are up to no good'. At least the cops had a sense of humor about it when they showed up."

The song is taken from the band's latest album 'The Killing Gods'.
MISERY INDEX previously premiered a clip for "The Calling". This video, also directed by David Hall is streaming here. Furthermore drum progeny Adam Jarvis is streaming a new play-through video for the track "Conjuring the Cull" at the DRUM! magazine website.
The Baltimore death metal outfit has already embarked on a recently announced North American tour, which sees the band play until a final show in Chicago on May 10th in Chicago. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.
05 May 15 Ottawa, ON (CA) Maverick's
06 May 15 Toronto, ON (CA) Hard Luck Bar
07 May 15 Rochester, NY (US) Montage Music Hall
08 May 15 Columbus, OH  (US) Northland Performing Arts
09 May 15 Lakewood, OH (US) The Foundry
10 May 15 Chicago, IL (US) Live Wire Lounge

MISERY INDEX are on the road in support of their latest full-length 'The Killing Gods', which was recorded in the USA at Wright Way Studios in Baltimore, Maryland and engineered by Steve Wright (DYING FETUS, SLIPKNOT, SOILWORK). The drum parts were tracked with Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, BLACK TUSK, BRUTAL TRUTH) at Visceral Sound in Bethesda, Maryland. Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below.

1. Urfaust
2. The Calling
3. The Oath
4. Conjuring the Cull
5. The Harrowing
6. The Killing Gods
7. Cross to Bear
8. Gallows Humor
9. The Weakener
10. Sentinels
11. Colony Collapse [feat. John Gallagher of DYING FETUS]
12. Heretics
13. Thieves of the New World Order [MINISTRY cover bonus track]
Note: Tracks 1-5 are each a part of the collective song "Faust"

MISERY INDEX returned in May 2014 with a fury worthy of the title of their latest album, "The Killing Gods". With their fifth full-length, the American icons of hard hitting brutality display the strength of maturity grown out of the experience gained as a relentless touring machine. The general trend of their continuous evolution to incorporate less core elements and move towards classic death metal finds a new high water mark. When their debut EP “Overthrow” was recorded in 2001 by vocalist and bassist Jason Netherton (ex-DYING FETUS) together with (then) guitarist and vocalist Mike Harrison and drummer Kevin Talley (ex-DYING FETUS), MISERY INDEX immediately charted a course to explore and push the limits of Death Metal and Grindcore, drawing influence from bands like MORBID ANGEL, NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, BOLT THROWER and ENTOMBED. The erstwhile project shifted to a full time band when guitarist Sparky Voyles (ex-DYING FETUS) joined. In 2003, MISERY INDEX unleashed their first full-length “Retaliate”, to exceptional reviews and followed by numerous support tours and festivals in Europe and North America. After several line-up changes, second album “Discordia” was released in 2006 with even more touring in its wake. Their third full-length, “Traitors” (2008) reaped raving reactions from both critics and fans and saw the band on the road again until 2009. Then MISERY INDEX dropped “Heirs to Thievery” (2010) like a bomb on the Death Metal masses, shattering all expectations. The album was both a commercial and critical success, elevating the band to headlining slots. During that year, long time guitarist Sparky Voyles was replaced by Darin Morris. A string of shows and festivals around the globe followed and on the Munich date of “Full of Hate Tour” alongside CANNIBAL CORPSE, BEHEMOTH and LEGION OF THE DAMNED, the band recorded their first live album. Released early 2013, "Live in Munich" perfectly epitomized the rawness and ferocity that MISERY INDEX elevated onto a new level with "The Killing Gods". Brace, hold tight and duck for cover, the wrath of the gods is upon us!

Jason Netherton: bass, vocals
Adam Jarvis: drums
Mark Kloeppel: guitar, vocals
Darin Morris: lead guitar


Style: Death Metal

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