Friday, May 1, 2015

Mustasch: new video single 'Be Like A Man' out now | tour & album release confirmed

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Mustasch are back with a brand new single from the upcoming album "Testosterone" that will be released September 18th. The new single "Be Like A Man" is a raw and powerful song about men and their behaviour and the music video to the song is directed by Patric Ullaeus at Revolver Film AB.

"On our new album which will be titled "Testosterone" I deal with my manhood, dignity and tenderness. Testosterone have unfortunately had a negative connotation. Why, then, I wonder?
Macho is something I have never recognized in me. To take care of my loved ones has always been more important to me" -Ralf, Ambassador of Rock..

Listen to the new single "Be Like A Man" here:

Watch the new video to "Be Like A Man" here:

festival dates Scandinavia
30-Apr-2015  Sweden Gävle (SWE) Dirty Harry
06-Jun-2015  Sweden Norje (SWE) Sweden Rock Festival
27-Jun-2015  Sweden Västerås (SWE) Västerås Cityfestival
10-Jul-2015  Sweden Svedala (SWE) SommarRock
24-Jul-2015  Finland Oulu (FI) Qstock 2015
25-Jul-2015  Sweden Örebro (SWE) Villa Strömpis

Testosterone GSA tour & festivals
29.08. Germany Schleswig (GER) Baltic Open Air
16.10. Essen – Turock
17.10. Leipzig – Hellraiser
18.10. Berlin – Magnet
19.10. Hamburg – Knust
20.10. Köln – Underground
21.10. Pratteln (CH) – MiniZ7
22.10. München - Backstage

More dates will be added..

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