Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New act Tristana feat. Mats Levén

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Swedish singer Mats Levén, former singer of legendary gothic band Therion, collaborates with alternative metal band Tristana from Slovakia. The act calls Tristana feat. Mats Levén and confirm summer festivals.
Mats Levén began his carrer on 1986 in bands Swedish Erotica and Treat. In 1997 came his first worldwide succes as Mats teamed up with guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, recording the album “Facing the Animal” and doing the promotional world tour . In 2002, he joined with a doom metal project Krux and German power metallers “At Vance”. Around the end of 2003, symphonic metal band Therion asked Levén to join them for the recording of their albums “Lemuria” and “Sirius B”. In 2007 Therion released “Gothic Kabbalah” and recorded backing vocals for Apocalyptica’s album “Worlds Collide”. Currently Mats is the lead singer of Candlemass and collaborates with Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist Gus G. Mats sang most of songs in Gus’s album” I Am The Fire” and toured acoustic shows in 2014.

Tristana is an alternative metal band from Slovakia coming out with a long awaited third album “Virtual Crime”. Their debut album “Back To The Future” was released in 2003. Tristana began to be famous in Slovakia after their second album “Zircon Street (2010)”. The band supported various bands including legendary Scorpions (2011) and former Iron Maiden members Blaze Bayley and Paul Dianno by the act Legendary Voices Of Iron Maiden (2012). Tristana’ s modern alternative metal mixes atmospheric ‘hard’n’heavy’ passages with groovy death metal vocals growl and electronic keyboarding.

“Mats is a great singer. I saw him first time on Malmsteen’s live DVD “Double Live ! ” from 1998. I was a teenager and I started to sing in the first band. I cant believed how powerful he sang high tones and how easy managed it. His voice is very characteristic and this is very importing for good singers. Looking forward our shows” said Tristana’s singer Peter Wilsen.

Tristania - Fallen:

Therion- Son Of The Staves Of Time  

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